Saturday, February 20, 2010


Mid term time is here so that means a lot of stuff to do in a minimal amount of time! geez! I feel like as an art student, assignments are that much tougher than most other majors. We need to create life! I know sounds kinda crazy but it's so true. We need to be able to express emotions and feelings in our work and if we do not succeed than it's looks like crap and therefore makes the work we do unbelievable to our audience. There is nothing worse than handing in something that fails to convey that realism of life. I handed in an assignment this past week that was mediocore and everyone including my teacher could see it lacked realism and believability. No worse feeling than knowing you failed to do that! let this be a reminder that if half ass a project, there's no way to get by. people will notice. That being said, here is a model im working on for my Z-brush mid-term. The extreme details will all be done in Z-brush! have a gander and stay tuned!!

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